Anonymous gift, fund raising, and National Register nomination for Alasa Farms

Hello Friends–

1. Fund-raising for Phase I–Stabilization and Enclosure: Yesterday, we received wonderful, fantabulous news! An anonymous donor is giving $10,000 toward our match for the $47,000 we received last year from the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom, to carry out the next phase of this project–stabilizing and enclosing the Meetinghouse so that it can be moved across the road. Thank you! Thank you, to this wonderful person! What a superb gift, at this critical time. True blessings on thee! This means that we have “only” $12,500 to go to fund this first phase.

2. Fund-raising for Phase II (Moving the Meetinghouse across the road) and Phase III (Preservation and Restoration): Our next step is to raise somewhere around $100,000 for the move itself, which we hope that we can do by next spring. We will need to raise this from private or state sources. For preservation and restoration, our grant proposal to Save America’s Treasures will be sent out tomorrow. This is a matching grant, and total cost of this phase is $1,077,188. Send good energies to Save America’s Treasures!

3. National Register Nomination for Alasa Farms (Shakers and Fourierist Community associated with Farmington Meetinghouse). With the help of many, many people, including Nancy Todd from our SHPO’s office, Alasa Farms (home of the Sodus Bay Shaker Community and the Sodus Bay Phalanx (a Fourierist community where many people associated with the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse lived in the 1840s) is being nominated to the National Register. Draft nomination is online at

4. Next Meeting of Steering Committee: June 2, at 12:30 p.m., West Wayne Restaurant, 2900 Route 31 (south side of road, just west of interesection with Route 350) Macedon.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes.
  2. Treasurer’s report
  3. Celebration of thanks for all the good work of so many people, so far.
  4. Strategic Plan–Billie Luisi-Potts
  5. Fund-raising–Everyone. Put your thinking caps on! Be ready to do some hard work! One part of this is to develop an outreach to potential donors from our large listserv. We also need to think of ways that we can recognize this wonderful, wonderful support. Thank you all so much! We can do this!
  6. Research–Charles Lenhart and Judith Wellman. Report on papers relating to Seneca Indians–Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore
  7. Report on status of not-for-profit status and 501c3 application.

Judith Wellman, Director
Historical New York Research Associates
Professor Emerita, SUNY Oswego

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