These pdf documents provide details about the history of the Farmington Meeting House and the restoration project.

Congressional Actions and Correspondence

  • Adobe pdfTo Rep. Eric Massa: Request for support for Save America’s Treasures grant. 8/4/2009 (2 pages 31Kb)
  • Adobe pdfHR 3810: Introduced by U.S. Representative John R. Kuhl Jr. (R – 29th District) to evaluate the significance of the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse (3 pages 35Kb)
  • Adobe pdfHR 3114: Introduced by U.S. Representative Louise M. Slaughter (D – 28th District) to establish a commemorative trail in connection with the Women’s Rights National Historical Park (9 pages 58Kb)

Farmington National Advisory Board

A listing of the individuals and organizations that make up the Farmington National Advisory Board.

Constitution, Provisional Charter and By Laws

Meeting House and Restoration Project History

Historic newspaper clippings

Articles photographed from various library and personal collections.

Application for National Register of Historic Places

The application to place the Farmington Meetinghouse into the National Register of Historic Places was submitted in January of 2007. The application consists of the following four sections.

  • Adobe pdfApplication Form: Provides details regarding location and architecture (4 pages 131Kb)
  • Adobe pdfNarrative Description: Continuation sheet describing the rich history of the buildings and property (4 pages 245Kb)
  • Adobe pdfSignificance: Continuation sheet that outlines the contributions that Farmington Quakers made to national dialogs on abolitionism, women’s rights and native American rights (48 pages 780Kb)
  • Adobe pdfMaps: Farmington Quaker Crossroads Historic District (5 pages 2.1Mb)
  • Adobe pdfBibliography: Detailed and hyperlinked bibliography of citations used in the application and narratives (4 pages 236Kb)

Architectural Drawings, Plans and Maps

  • Surveyors map for the region around the Meeting House on County Road 8 in Farmington NY (1 jpg image 362Kb)
  • Adobe pdfDraft site plan for the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse from John G. Waite Associates. (1 page 92Kb)

Architects plans and request for bids for the temporary stabilization of the building. The temporary stabilization was completed in December of 2007.

Women’s Rights


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