Judith Wellman and Helen Kirker meet with Farmington Town Board

Hi Friends–Last night, Helen and I gave a update about our project to the Farmington Town Board. We were very pleased at their kind reception and very appreciative of all their patience over the past three years. We gave the copies of our 2008 annual report, our new draft brochure, our National Register nomination, and the two-page update (attached here). Many thanks to the Board and people of Farmington!

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be on Tuesday, June 2, at 12:30 at the West Wayne restaurant, on the south side of Route 31 in Macedon, just east of the intersection with Route 350. Many thanks to Carol Elaine and Richard Deys for making this reservation and also for taking copies of our draft brochure to the Macedon Historical Society meeting last evening.

Moving right along!


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