Office of Cultural Education grants provisional charter for 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse

Thanks to help from Alaine Espenscheid, we have now received our provisional certification (renewable after five years) for the new not-for-profit corporation called the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse. See the attachment to Alaine’s note (below) for our official letter.

Alaine will send this to the IRS so that we may be officially recognized for tax purposes as a 501c3 organization. This will be retroactive to May 18, 2009, and will allow us to accept donations as a charitable organization.

Congratulations and many, many thanks for all this hard work by so many people! Thank you, Alaine!

Best, Judy

Provisional Charter of 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse Museum
(Adobe pdf 5 pages 865Kb)

Minutes of NYS Board of Regents meeting granting Provisional Charter for 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse Museum.
(Adobe pdf 2 pages 37Kb)

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From: Karen Andersen
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2009 12:30 PM
Subject: RE: 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse

At the May Regents Meeting, the Board of Regents voted to issue a Provisional Charter. The corporation should receive it in the mail in a few weeks. Congratulations!

Here is the agenda item:


Farmington, Ontario County

The board of trustees has petitioned the Board of Regents to form a corporation to establish and maintain the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse as a historic house museum open to the public relating to and interpreting the national reform movements relating to women’s rights and women’s suffrage; relations between Quakers, Haudenosaunee and African Americans; abolition of slavery; and the Underground Railroad; to maintain and preserve the house and open it to the public on a regular schedule; to collect, own, hold, maintain, preserve and make available appropriate historical objects and artifacts; to arrange, create, maintain and promote appropriate historical exhibits and displays; to promote and support historical research and scholarship, issue publications in any format, and organize historical and cultural activities, programs and events for the public. The Office of Cultural Education recommends that a provisional charter be granted for a period of five years.

You can view the actual Regents meeting as a webcast on

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